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                                            Electrical Control Panel                                                Refrigeration System


                                    Oil Charging System                                                     Accumulator System

                                                     Cooling System with CoolPoint Flow Meter


            Nitrogen Gas Generator                          N2 Gas Generator with N2 Gas receiver tank


                         Fuel Oil Flow Meter                                                      Fuel Measurement System


                        Chemical Injection Skid                                                Air Consumption Monitoring System


                  Hydraulic Flow Measurement                                   Flow Meter and Pumping System


         Cooling System with Flow Alarm System (Lake Flow Meter)                     Product Test Bench


     Refrigerant Distribution Control Panel                                      Chemical Injection Skid


                   Sanitary Flow Meter                                 Sanitary Level Monitoring (Negele Level Sensor)


                 Beer Monitoring System at Pub                               Variable Speed Drive Control Panel


                                                  Installation and Commissioning of Flow Meters


   Perform installation inside the Fluids Mechanics Lab, NTU


Pre-site visiting @ YEO's factory before installation together with our UK principal engineer