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Push Cameras for (pipe inspection, pipeline inspection) Industrial Application
04 Oct 2011

Push cameras (snake type) are used for pipeline, duct, drain, pipes inspection for plumbers, repair work. Teeseexcellent inspection cameras consist a long insertion probe with a flexible "goose-neck" video camera probe for getting around corners. LED lights give excellent  illumination and cctv type camera on the tip captures clear images and allows image and video saving. Often push or pipe inspection cameras are called SEWER cameras or drain video camera and used in sewer inspection. Push video cameras str generaly portable or more advance with a motorized wheel to push the probe for 60 or more meters down the tubes, pipes, drain or sewer.

P.S. As a note... Most of the DRAIN or PUSH cameras have the following terms described in various sources, and basically mean the same thing: video inspection system, snake eye camera, pipe inspection equipment, pipe video inspection, pipe inspection system, sewer inspection equipment, drain camera, sewer camera for sale pipeline inspection equipment, cctv pipe inspection, sewer video camera, sewer inspection camera, snake cameras, pipe inspection camera, etc ...
And we are proud to introduce our new Hydra portable hand held Push Camera for pipe and sewer inspections. The Hydra videoscopes are more durable and versatile compared to other push cameras, and they allow you to easily access your inspection areas, and control what you are viewing on its large portable hand held monitor. The bright 4.3” LCD screen will work well in direct sunlight, images and video can be easily captured to an SD memory card with the push of a button, and reviewed on the monitor as well. The memory card can be removed to transfer files to your computer or laptop, built in LED lights directly illuminate the inspection area, and portable inspection are made even easier with an integrated rechargeable battery. The Hydra Push Cam is available in either 20 meter (65 foot), or 30 meter (98 foot) lengths.


Viper Push Camera Video Borescope Systems for pipe and pipeline inspection featuring all of the benefits of our larger videoscope (PYTHON) with a shorter insertion probe, and 8 LED lights to illuminate the inspection area. These units feature a 38mm (1.5”) head, with a 20M (65.6') or 40M (131.2') length, and are designed to inspect plumbing pipes, duct and pipe work, walls, deep wells, pipelines etc. Included with the insertion probe, is a case that also holds the monitor the battery and all accessories. This case/Monitor is similar to the Python set and can be used with the Python probe. Also included is the AC power cables, a remote control for the DVR features, cables necessary to use the set and more, and etc.

Our Python waterproof Push Camera is great for a wide range of applications which require a large flexible video probe to inspect deep down into pipes, duct work, or industrial lines. These units give you clear color image of the inspection area, with the ability to easily capture video to a USB flash drive or external hard drive. The 52mm (2”) diameter is great for wider pipes, machinery or castings, ducts, wells or disposal areas, air conditioning, and industrial lines. The live color image is provided by a ¼” Sharp CCD video camera chip in the tip, which is self leveling, so the camera unit is always right side up, and which features a 60o field of view. Illumination is provided by 18 LED lights positioned around the camera chip, and included in the set are a number of protective sheaths used to center the camera in the middle of the pipe for a better view of the inspection area. The live image is displayed on a portable 7” LCD monitor, located within the case, which features 640x480 pixel resolution, a built in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with a USB port for a flash drive or external hard drive, video output to a larger TV monitor, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery for up to 3.5 hours of portable use.



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