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West 6100+, 8100+ & 4100+ Temperature and Process Controller
13 Oct 2011

The West 6100+ 8100+ and 4100+ is a new generation of ‘+’ Series controllers that takes flexibility and ease of use to new levels. The expanded ‘+’ Series platform of 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 DIN model controllers incorporates numerous product specification, communication, display interface and configuration software improvements that surpass competitive offerings in ease of use, delivery and value per-dollar. 

By adding more versatile features and user-friendly functionalities – like remote set point inputs, digital inputs, plug-in output modules, a customizable operator/HMI menu, jumperless and auto-hardware configuration, and 24VDC transmitter power supply – the new generation + Series controller transforms the complicated into the simple while saving you time (as much as 50% on product set-up), reducing inventory stock and virtually eliminating the likelihood of operator errors. 

Making things complicated is easy – the clever trick with the new generation 6100+ Series controller from West is to make it simple.

- Jumperless Configuration

- Auto Detected Hardware

- Process & Loop Alarms

- Modbus & ASCII Comms

- Auto or Manual Tuning

- Heat/Cool Operation

- Ramping Setpoint repliche orologi

- Remote/Dual Setpoint Options

- Available in 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 DIN Formats

With their improved interface, technical functionality and field flexibility, the West 6100+, 8100+ and 4100+ give you the best in comprehensive control for most temperature and process control loops.


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