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Systematic Multiloop Control
13 Oct 2011

Flexible & Modular: the KS vario multiloop controller system

The modular KS vario multiloop controller system has been developed specifically for temperature treatment processes, whereby the basic version consists of a controller module and a field bus coupler.  These two components already provide a fully operational control unit with 4, 6 or 8 loops. Simply by adding the required number of individual I/O modules, the system is expandable up to 30 control loops with minimum extra cost. Hereby, no more I/O modules are required than those needed for the actual number of inputs & outputs. Moreover, the KS Vario can also be expanded with standard I/Os, which are then made available to the superordinate system (PLC/SCADA).

The individual modules of a KS Vario system are simply plugged together without the need for tools - all interconnections are made automatically, and power is supplied via the bus coupler. The field bus coupler with integral power supply represents the heart of the system, and links the multi-loop controller to all established field bus systems. Apart from ProfiNet and innovative Ethernet topologies, the coupler also supports classical field buses such as Profibus-DP, CANopen, DeviceNet and Modbus.

Application areas:

- Extruder automation

- Hot runners

- Mold heating

- Textile machines

- Packaging machines

- Semiconductor production

- Furnaces

- Burner & Boiler control

- Medical technology

and more....




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