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The CAL range of Temperature Controllers
13 Oct 2011

CAL Temperature Controllers 

Auto-tuning P.I.D. Controllers with RS232/485 Communication, Charting and Logging Software
The CAL range of temperature controllers are designed to be easy to use, low cost and reliable in the most demanding applications, including plastics, packaging, drying, oven and furnaces and laboratory equipment. Integrated auto-tune makes P.I.D. control simple and efficient, while the unique dAC function minimizes overshoot problems associated with conventional P.I.D. Controllers.
• Easy-to-use auto-tune program
• Simple menu-driven programming
• Full P.I.D. operation
• Single ramp/soak (dwell) program
• Heat/cool operation
• IP66 protection
• CE compliant
Inputs and Outputs:
• Thermocouple and PT100 (2 wire)
• Two outputs: SSR driver and/or Relay
• 5 alarm modes, full scale (high or low), deviation (high or low) & band
• RS232 or RS485 MODBUS communications RTU (retrofit table)
CAL 9500P - Programmable Profiling Temperature and Process Controller
The CAL9500P is a uniquely versatile and affordable programmable controller for temperature and process control applications. It is designed to offer the optimum functionality in a 48mmx48mm (1/16th” DIN) package.
The CAL9500P shares the same unique features as the 3300, 9300 and 9400 and also offers:
Programmer functionality
• Up to 31 programs (profiles)
• Up to 126 segments
• Event outputs via the 2nd and 3rd outputs
• Copy/Paste/Edit/Delete functions to simplify program building
• Call another program as a sub-program segment
• Up to 999 program loop cycles, or continuous loop cycling
• Hold back function, to ensure the next segment is not started until the last segment reaches the set-point
• 3 power fail recovery options, (Hold, Continue or Reset)
• Front panel interrogation of the program position
• Memory usage indication during programming (note: program capacity is a memory function and different types of segments use more or less memory)

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