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MPU-4 now change to MPU-4(B)
14 Oct 2011

Pt100 two-wire Input transmitter MPU-4(B)

The two-wire input transmitter MPU-4 (b) converts the temperature signal of the resistance thermometer into a scaled signal (4 ...20 mA) proportional to the temperature, whereby the two-wire loop is conducting both the power supply (voltage) and the output signal (current).
The module directly can be mounted into the connecting head of the temperature sensor (e.g. tFP-40). By mounting the transmitter directly at the point of measurement no additional converter in a cabinet system is necessary, this resulting in the advantages of low installation costs, uncomplicated wiring and high noise immunity. The transmitter MPU-4(b)g mounted in a stable Polyamide case - especially suits for temperature sensors with wiring but without connecting head.
· Installation into the sensor head (e.g. tFP-40)
· Fully potted module
· Connection directly to the Plc
· Temperature linear 4...20 mA signal
Options / Accessories
· Special measurement ranges
· 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection
· Programming adpater MPU-P 9701
· Transmitter in Polyamide housing, option MPU-4(B)G

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