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A new Draft Manager software is about to be released!!
27 Oct 2011


This new version includes real-time monitoring of the beer and beverages served. Each time a beer tap is used, the amount of beer dispensed will be recorded with the time and date of the event in a ''Served'' log.
This new software will work with the latest Harpagon and 4FM systems that have the real-time mode embedded in their firmware. The principal advantage of the real-time mode is the served log itself that will help anyone see what is causing a discrepancy between the beer sales and the amount served. It can be used to identify bartenders wasting beer down the drain, over pouring, foaming problems, after hour use of the beer system and unregistered sales.
The software is also able to record POS sales also with the time and date of each transaction. These will be registered in the "POS" log. This module has been tested so far with Aloha, Maitre D, Veloce and Casio POS systems. It is designed to work with pretty much every POS system available. Information on how to connect Draft manager to the POS will be made available soon.
For those using both the Served and POS real-time interfaces, reconciliation reports will always be one click away at anytime. Managers will be able to print a report that shows the beer served and the beer sold before the staff goes home. Reconciliation reports are programmable too so they are ready to print when the manager comes in the office.
The Harpagon metering system for draft beer was born in 1992. We are celebrating it's 20th birthday in 2012. It still is one of our best seller and no doubt the most reliable metering system on the market.

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