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New hygienic turbine flow meter for food and pharmaceutical applications
21 Dec 2011

Precise and cost-effective flow measurement

Negele introduces the new hygienic turbine flow meter for food and pharmaceutical applications

The new turbine flow meter HM-E/HMP-E was specifically designed for applications that have accuracy demands of a maximum of(+/-0,5%) und where a small mounting envelope is very important.

The HM-E/HMP-E is a very economical and extremly compact alternative to the well-known magnetic-inductive flow meters if non-conductive media with a low viscosity has to be measured. Thanks to the hygienic design which is confirmed by a 3-A approval, the turbine flow meter HM-E/HMP-E is a hygienc and cost-effective alternative to industrial turbine flow meters and the magnetic-inductive flow meters.
FMI, the new, magnetic-inductive flow meter, is designed for applications that demand exceedingly high accuracy and hygiene.
The HM-E/HMP-E is a unit that can be configured for demanding food applications as well as for the pharmaceutical sector. The unique two piece design which eliminates the need for internal locking rings to retain the meters internals makes for a truly cleanable, hygienic design that also provides exceptional performance.
Additional general advantages at a glance:
   Community-resistant stainless steel and Rulon bearings reduce maintenance
    - All parts made of 316 L stainless steel, including rotor
    -  The two-piece design simplifies access to internal parts for inspection
    -  3-A approval

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