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23 Dec 2011

The “Anaconda” Pan-and-Tilt Push Camera Videoscope is a great tool for the inspection of vessels, tanks and pipe walls.

These units feature a camera head which pans 360⁰ and tilts 180⁰ to view and capture every detail of your inspection. The camera head features a compact (53mm) detachable design which is completely waterproof and contains 14 super bright LED lights to provide consistent illumination. The light intensity can be easily controlled to avoid flaring, and the sensitive Sony CCD chip is protected by a thick scratch-proof glass lens.

The imaging HUB features a 6.5” color TFT wide screen monitor with video (MPEG4/AVI) and image (MPEG) capture of your inspections saved directly to an SD memory card. The image can also be output via a USB interface. 

Included in the set is a specially designed centering bracket-skid, to ensure that the camera is placed directly in the center of the pipe.

Optional lengths for the push rod range from 30 meters (98 foot) (standard) to 80 meters. 

The state-of-the-art battery packs provide 6 hours of continuous operation. While the power supply offers simultaneous system operation while recharging the battery.

The “Anaconda” Pan-and-Tilt Push Camera is a must have for pipe, duct and tank inspections.

Key features:
• Pans 360⁰ and tilts 180⁰ to view and capture maximum details.
• Working Length up to 80 meters.
• 14 Super Bright LEDs
• 6.5” color TFT monitor
• Image and Video capture
• Compact (53mm), waterproof camera head
• Easy to carry, easy to operate


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