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New Release of Orion II Videoscope in replacement for Orion, MVBS Videoscope
10 Apr 2012

Dear valued customer,
Light weight, extremely portable design, to meet current requirements for RVI (Remote Visual Inspection).

This handheld device shows better performance compare to previous versions of the Orion. The body is smaller and more portable, ergonomic and functional. 

A full range of interchangeable probes with different diameters, lengths, and directions of view (DOF), are available, making this a highly useful and indispensable tool.

Inspection probes range from 4mm to 10mm in diameter, and are all water-, oil-, diesel-, gasoline- proof (IP 57) with an integrated high resolution CMOS Video Camera chip. The camera chip is faster (60 fps@ AVGA) and more sensitive than current generic products on the market. rolex replica watches

Four super bright LED lights provide brilliant illumination, with a  button on the monitor to control the light intensity, virtually eliminating glare when inspecting reflective or metallic surfaces.

The handheld 3.5” monitor lets you see clear detailed images, which is highly useful in a wide range of situations. All live and stored images are displayed in color on the integrated LCD screen with a resolution of 720x480 pixels.

Files are captured to an SD memory card (2GB included). Captured image and video files may be downloaded via USB directly to a computer or laptop. A video output jack is also available to view live images on a larger TV monitor, so clients or colleagues can review and discuss images or video directly.

A rechargeable LI-polymer battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous video capture on a full charge, and requires only 2 hours to recharge.


For further information, please kindly send your enquiry to sales@polyquip.com.sg or contact us at +65 6753 7997 and we will be glad to assist you in further.

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