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DIGMESA AG was founded in 1983 with headquarters in Biel, Switzerland. It began with a vision: at the beginning of the seventies, Heinz Plüss, an employee of many years standing in a well known water meter company, came up with an idea for the design of a measuring device for the simple measurement of water in coffee machines. Working on his own account, he developed the first device and subsequently convinced potential customers of the advantages of his design.

The rapid development of the company soon made the move to today’s location at Ipsach necessary. Here especially designed machinery guarantee for optimized processing times, simplified product handling and the "Swiss watch" level of precision that our customers have come to expect.

DIGMESA produces high-quality precision flowmeters and high-tech electronics for the food and non-food sectors. With these devices, wine, beer, fruit juices, cola, mineral water and milk, as well as chemically aggressive media, can be precisely measured, regulated, monitored and dispensed. The range of applications is exceptionally diverse, as DIGMESA flowmeters are unaffected even by fluids such as acids and alkalis. Components produced by DIGMESA are to be found in laboratories, hospitals, research and production facilities, as well as in coffee machines, automatic washing machines and beer dispensing systems.