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Flow Meter

Racine vortex flow meters utilize ultrasonic technology to measure tiny vortices that form when media in the pipe move across a strut, or "bluff bar". The number of vortices formed is directly proportional to flow rate, and the resulting product is a flow meter with high turndown ratio (up to 70:1) and high accuracy (+/- 1% of reading). Formerly part of J-Tec Associates, the Racine vortex meter has benefited from over two decades of research and development, today offering one of the smallest struts (and therefore lowest pressure drop) in a product of this type. With Smart electronics and HART communications, the Racine vortex flow meter is an excellent choice for process plants and refineries measuring gases and steam. With no moving parts and little or no maintenance required, the vortex flow meter is also an excellent choice for OEM companies working with water supply, quality or treatment equipment.