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KOJIMA INSTRUMENTS INC (KOFLOC), started business as Kojima Seisaku-sho in 1949, KOFLOC has almost 60 years of experience in developing measurement and control technology for micro flow of fluids (liquids and gases). During this period, KOFLOC technology has evolved from analog to digital and from mechanical to electronics.

KOFLOC manufactures and sells area flow meters, fluid control valves, electronic flow meters, various fluid controllers, nitrogen, oxygen and ozone gas generators, fuel battery evaluation devices, deodorizers, water processors, medical equipment, etc.

In 1999, KOFLOC received permission from Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for the manufacture of medical instruments. KOFLOC started manufacture and sale of First Life
(home-use oxygen enricher) and obtained ISO90001 certification.

 KOFLOC has acquired ISO9001:2000 since 1996 and ISO14001:2004 certification since 2006.