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Gas Generator (N2/O2)
ONSITE Gas Systems

Onsite Gas Systems Founder and President, Francis X. Hursey is a veteran of the Apollo Breathing Air Team and has been awarded multiple patents in Noncryogenic gas technology, Medical Products and Nitrogen applications.  He invented QuikClot® brand hemostatic agentand was recognized as a top scientist in 2003 by Scientific American.

Onsite philosophy is to keep the simple processes simple, and make complex processes less complex. This way of thinking has formed the basis for Onsite growth, and has steeled Onsite product reputation. Onsite use COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) parts so that Onsite systems can be serviced by a mechanically inclined person, anywhere in the world. Onsite has worked with and tested all technologies involving PSA gas production, and continue to find that Onsite technology, improved over time, makes the most reliable systems in the world. Onsite constantly seek new ways to apply Onsite proven technology.
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