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Sanitary Process Sensors
Anderson-Negele Sanitary Process Control Instrumentations

For more than 30 years, the NEGELE company, based in Egg an der Günz in southern Germany, has been developing and producing innovative sensors and products for process measuring and control in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

ANDERSON-NEGELE develops and produces sensors and solutions for process measuring and control for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Whatever values you need to measure in your process: Anderson-Negele has the right sensors which help you to optimize your production processes. We offer not only the sensors but also the technology necessary to integrate the equipment into the process, providing a complete system with all of the relevant certificates and hygienic approvals, such as EHEDG or 3-A.

Our products at a glance:

Build-in systems, weld-in sleeves, fittings and adapters.
Pt100 temperature probes, head transmitters, signal converters, and controllers.
Hydrostatic measurement with pressure sensors or by means of potentiometric rod sensors.
Capacitive and conductive sensors as full and empty indicators in pipes and tanks.
Pressure gauges and electronics pressure transmitters.
Magnetic-inductive flow meters, calorimetric and ultrasonic flow monitors.
Inductive conductivity meters for CIP applications.
Transmitted light, backscatter and 4-beam alternating light principles.
Controllers, signal converters, digital indicators, field bus couplers, calibrators, simulators and setpoint transmitters.