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Jahns Regulatoren was registered in the Offenbach register of companies in 1905 as a factory specialising in the manufacture of different kinds of engine controls. Wilhelm Jahns and Carl Seidel founded the company together with several other dormant partners. Jahns was an engineer, Seidel a businessman. Jahns’ patents were used to produce the first in the series of controllers.

 Since 1928 ‘Jahns Regulatoren’ has been a family business with limited liability owned by the Dapp/Sauerwein family. This change of ownership coincided with the company beginning the manufacture of axial piston pumps for presses and rudder engines, as well as controllers for water turbines. From 1970 the company began production of slow running radial piston hydromotors. These were used to drive heavy machinery, forge manipulators and rubber injection moulding machines as well as in plant construction. This period also saw production switched to NC (numerically controlled) machines as the cost of labour continued to increase. Today the company uses CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines to manufacture products in small batches. No product leaves the factory before first being checked in our test facilities by our experienced team of long-serving employees. 1986 saw the company enter the market for hydraulics and drivesystems.
It did this by first sourcing products for distribution and working in close cooperation with customers to develop new products. As an example we can mention our current range of flow-dividers and volumetric-dividers which covers almost every possible application. Among our customers are almost all reputable German fi rms active in the hydraulics market. In 1992, takeover of the production and sales of ‘ATE’ vane motors (Alfred Teves / Frankfurt). May 2000: purchase of the range of rotary pumps, immersion pumps and agitators from ABG in Karlsruhe. These products are used above all in the chemical and chemical processing industries.
The addition of the new product range gives a greater manufacturing depth and guarantees higher-level utilisation of our manufacturing resources. It all corresponds to the company philosophy; Jahns Regulatoren is built, not on dramatic growth, but rather on continuity and quality. We consider prompt submission of quotations and timely delivery of products to be key factors for success.