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Flow Computer

Complete Systems:

M+F are a leading supplier of complete systems for measurement and

loading applications in the oil industry. Typically, these are manufactured

mounted on skids for applications like:

• Pipeline Metering,

• Truck Loading,

• Rail car Loading

• Ship Loading

• Aircraft Refuelling

• Barrel Filling Systems.


Terminal Automation:

M+F are a market leading supplier of Terminal Automation Systems

in Europe. The company has among the longest experience of any

central European TA suppliers. Their Windows-based COTAS system

operates in small and in very complex and large installations in many

countries (see reference list).



Mess- und Fördertechnik Gwinner G.m.b.H. & Co. (M+F) founded in 1968, in Hamburg, Germany. M+F manufactures state of the art

• Flow Computers (electronic presets),

• Additive Injection Systems,

• Blending Systems,

• Identification Systems for Terminals