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Beer/Beverage Monitoring and Inventory Control System
Counter Beer Dispenser

BOS Beer Dispenser is designed to control and monitor 2 types of beverages at a time. It records actual amount of beer dispensed and provides accurate sales data for your sales and inventory monitoring. The flow meter in the system comes with Foam Detection which can differentiate between beer and foam. It only counts the beer and not the foam or gas. It includes feature to exclude liquid flow during cleaning. BOS Beer Dispenser can dispenses the beer with preprogrammed portion or free flow.

The device is also suitable for controlling and monitoring all types of beverages.

Special Features:
• 2 lines with 2 programmable measures
• Password activation- for general, superior, or waiter (optional)
• Daily counter, period counter and waiter counter (optional) 
• Date transfer– RS485 or wireless  
• Interface to computer or printer
• Temperature monitoring and alert (optional)
• Compact and easy to install 
• The device controls two valves (Valve models: Sirai, ODL).
• The device can support two impulse sensors (Measurement).
• Gives signals when the ale is running out. (Voltage signals to the device).
• Graphic display for setting sales figures and impulses (96 * 63 pixels)
• Waiter identification with a Dallas-key
• Can be used either as a volumeter or as a batcher.
• Wireless data transfer in and out of the device.
• RS 485 data transfer in and out of the device.
• Access to service position with the service key.
• Measuring the temperature from the tap, 2 pcs.
• Red and green LEDs guide the user.
• Small and Large keys. Also extended pressing of the key will give an extra measure. Press CLR and ENT to print the sales figure.

Sales information

When the device is in sales position, the sale information can be displayed by pressing ENT.

The following information is displayed:
L1 = daily sales of line one
L2 = daily sales of line two
P1 = period sales of line one
P2 = period sales of line two