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All systems have been developed, designed and built to operate in manufacturing firms in accordance with global CWQC (Company Wide Quality Control), to grant maximum control in all phases of the industrial process, from engineering to production, and to assure storage and transmission of all work data. Nowadays the Galileo TP range is extremely complete and covers all the applications both for the needs of small and big industries:

  • leak detection systems (pressure tests, helium and hydrogen sniffing)
  • evacuation systems
  • systems for gases and fluid storage, distribution and recovery
  • evacuating and refrigerant charging machines
  • safety systems for hydrocarbons
  • electrical safety compliance and performance test systems

The Company  GALILEO TP Process Equipment S.r.l. is the result of the merging of former Officine Galileo technology and experience in the field of Vacuum and Refrigeration technology and Tecnoplant, one of the first companies in the field to have obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

This merging of technologies, traditions and human resources has been leading to the creation of a company with a history of continued growth and development on worldwide level since the 1940s