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Sanitary Process Sensors

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This model is use on the application of hydrostatic level measurement of vessels and tanks. It resulting in the precise pressure measurement in pipes.
With height of 2.87"
This sensor model is used in temperature measurement in pipes DN15...DN18 and use for measurement in thin-walled pipes and vessels.
This sensor type is install in thin-walled pipes and vessels. It can be install without direct contact of the sensor to the product (with thermowell). We can remove the sensor without opening the process (with thermowell)
This model of sensor is use in redundant temperature measurement in a UHT-plant (Ultra High Temperature) and sychronous measurement for a local displacy and for a recorder.
This sensor type is use in level detection and temperature measurement and dry running and temperature protection of pipes.
Use in hygienic measurement in pipes and vessels and display local temperature without power supply.
This model is the sensor that can remove without opening the process and without disconnecting.
This Climate Independent Level Transmitter is use in hydrostatic level measurement in ambients with high humidity especially capable for vessels with base and acid of CIP.
This type of sensor is use for media with homogeneuos conductivity
with G1" Thread Hygienic
with M12 Thread Hygienic
Capacitive Limit Switch is use on limit detection of media
Potentiometric Level Switch
This model type of sensor is use on level detection of fluid and conducive media in vessels
This model type of sensor is use on level detection of fluid and conducive media in vessels
External Level Switches for Conductive Level Switch
This type of sensor ensure accurate hydrostatic level measuring in vessels and tanks.
with Thread Connection
Calometric Flow monitor use to monitoring flow in pipes and suitable for hydrous
Ultrasonic Flow Monitor from Calometric Flow Monitor is it measuring of flow velocities and flow volume as well as monitoring of flows in pipes.
Specific usage of the inductive conductivity meter is to measure the inductive of the specific conductivity of liquid media
Application of the Relative Turbidity Meter is more to media with a turbidity
4-Beam-Turbidity meter is use for process control of brewing process and fresh water control in the beverage industry.
The IZMS series electromagnetic flowmeter is the ideal choice for conductive fluids and slurries.
The IZML offers a low cost alternative for applications where high accuracy measurement is needed. With an accuracy of ± .25% of rate
Anderson's RZU series flowmeter is a utility version of the industry accepted Accurate RZ series sanitary flowmeter.
Anderson's dual-diaphragm technology level transmitters are the clear choice for monitoring liquid inventory levels in virtually any atmospheric storage application.
Anderson’s Autoclaveable HA Sanitary Pressure Transmitter is specifically designed for critical measurements in fractional size lines.
Anderson’s HA “Mini” sanitary pressure transmitter is specifically designed for critical measurements in fractional size lines and is available with an autoclaveable option
The new AJ-300 family of recorders and recording controllers is designed specifically for sanitary fluid processing applications.
This revolutionary circular chart recorder features a four-color marker pen cartridge which prints information on a linear time line.
The HC series toroidal conductivity sensor is specifically designed to be used on CIP systems to measure conductivity in cleaning solutions ranging from 0-200 up to 0-2,000,000 microSiemens/cm and temperature compensated over a range of 0° and 200°C.
The AE Air Eliminator is designed to remove air or gasses present in flowing liquid process lines.
The DTG has been designed as a replacement for mercury-in-glass thermometers on Retort applications.
The HT electronic sensor is specifically designed to monitor transitions in continuous sanitary processes.
EM Series 90mm Pressure Gauge
EP Series Digital Pressure Gauge
EL Series Pressure Gauge
ELH Series Pressure Transmitter
Pharmaceutical RTDs and Modular Wiring Heads for RTD's and Transmitters