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West Control Solutions is an integral part of Danaher Corporation; a Fortune 500 Company with subsidiaries in over 40 countries. Gaining strength through the combination of four leading brands, West Control Solutions offers the finest state-of-the-art products for your process... Read More
The PMA KS 98 is a compact automation device, whose functions are freely structurable by means of function blocks.
The industry and process controller PMA KS 90-1 is intended for universal, precise, and cost-effective control tasks in all branches of industry.
The PMA KS 94 is configurable for ON/OFF control, PID-control and motorized valve control.
These PMA universal temperature controllers are intended for precise, and cost-effective control tasks in all branches of industry.
The PMA universal KS 45 controllers are designed to provide precise and cost-effective temperature control in practically all branches of industry.
Due to its extremely compact dimensions, the PMA ECO 11 can be installed even in the smallest machines.
The unit is configurable as signaller, continuous, 2-point or 3-point controller for heating or cooling, as well as heating/cooling tasks
This unit provides simple 2-point (on/off) control, continuous PID control, or 3-point stepping control.
Model WEST 2300 DIN Temperature Controller
WEST Model 6100+/8100+/4100+ Temperature & Process Controller
WEST Model 6010+, 8010+ Temperature Indicator with Alarm
WEST Model 6170+/8170+/4170+ Valve Motor Drive Process Controller
WEST Model 6400 and 4400 Temperature & Process Controller with Programmer
WEST Model 6500 Economy Temperature Controller
WEST Model 6600 and 8600 Temperature Controller for Plastics Applications
WEST ProVU Advanced Temperature & Process Controller with Datalogging Option
WEST Model 8080 Temperature and Process Indicator with Color Change LED Display
WEST Model 6700+, 8700+ and 4700+ Temperature Limit Controller
CAL Model 3200 1/32nd DIN Temperature Controller
CAL Model 3300, 9300 and 9400 Temperature Controller
CAL Model 9500P Process Controller with Programmer
Model 9900 Temperature & Process Controller
CALogix DIN-Rail Multiloop Process Controller with Logic Functions
eCAL Compact Temperature and Process Controller