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Refrigeration & AirCon Process Equipment

RP2 and TP2000, like all the GalileoTP's products, are designed and manufactured according to internationally accepted safety standards.
Three different measurements units can be selected using the standard small touch panel
The HABILIS III E/T is an automatic evacuating and HFC/HCFC charging equipment.
The HABILIS III CO2 is an automatic evacuating and CO2 charging equipment.
TURBO 6 line of evacuation and refrigerant charging equipment has been designed for the Automotive Industry.
The storage and refrigerant pumping group supplies pressurized refrigerant fluid to the Charging Machine.
Helium storage, distribution and recovery system for big circuits or high productions.
Refrigerant charging equipment for small/medium productions.
To seal off copper filling tubes on refrigeration and cooling systems after filling with refrigerant.